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All news pertaining to the site & the world of C&C can be found here.
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A minute ago
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General Chat
Talk about anything that you would like.  Within reason of course.  
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Less than a minute ago
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Recruiting Station
This is the place where the greenhorns get to introduce themselves to the already seasoned veterens of the board.  
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16 minutes ago
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General Gaming
A most marvelous place!  Here you may discuss any kind of game from the consoles to the PC.  There's like totally no limitations dudes, so get your game on in here, or at least talk about it!
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2 hours ago
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Intelligent Spam
Does Spam really taste good with eggs and Reeses?  Well of course it does!  And that's why we have our own spam board.  For recipe making!  And for counting, drawings, and things like that too.
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One hour ago

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